VIZIO VP422 and VP322 Plasma TV


VIZIO, the fastest growing Brand of flat panel HDTVs in North America, has recently announced the release of its two new Plasma models, the VP422 and VP322. Offering a remarkable contrast ratio of 30,000:1, both these models provide super deep blacks and brilliant colors.

VIZIO VP422 and VIZIO VP322 Plasma TVs incorporate multiple color temperature settings and an independent Red/ Green/ Blue adjustment to optimize video performance to any source. These Plasma TVs provide the user with an enhanced picture control and superb high-definition 720p native resolution.

“America’s consumers have made the 32 and 37″ LCD HDTVs their best Sellers,” said Laynie Newsome, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at VIZIO. “With these mid-sized plasmas now available from VIZIO and Wal-Mart, Combined with our traditionally best-selling 50″ plasmas, we are looking for significant growth in this category for 2008. We just love the look and Picture quality of plasma HDTVs. When they find their way into American Homes, we should see many new VIZIO plasma fans.”

VIZIO VP422 and VIZIO VP322 Plasma TV are available at a price of $ 799 and $ 599 respectively. You can purchase these products at all Wal-Mart stores.

Via: Press