And They Did It-California Bans Big Screen Televisions

So it finally happened.  The California State Government, neck deep in the worst economy they’ve ever seen, decided to pretty much ban any big-screen televisions over fifty eight inches in California.

Starting in 2011, only televisions that meet certain standards for energy efficiency will be allowed in California.  Two years later, in 2013, a second set of even more stringent standards will be enacted.  This makes me wonder, will all the televisions sold in 2011 and 2012 suddenly become illegal in 2013?  Or at the very least, be unable to be resold? Will there be huge fire sales of 2012 models as they become illegal in 2013?

Needless to say, most are angry about this, but undoubtedly licking their chops with glee over this idiocy is EVERY TELEVISION RETAILER IN OREGON AND NEVADA.  NOT TO MENTION ARIZONA.  Seriously, is every member of a governing body in California such a spectacular moron that they don’t realize their law will be circumvented gleefully by driving across state lines or possibly even ordering from the internet?

Well, hey–if they want to shoot themselves in the foot by driving millions of dollars in sales tax revenue over their borders, well, more power to them!