Introducing The VuQube Portable Satellite Dish

August 12, in Portable

If you’re among that population of people who’d want to have access to TV programming wherever they go on vacation, personal trips or just regular errands, then you might try out the VuQube Portable Satellite Dish. This device is designed to provide the benefits of satellite TV even when you’re the go. With this portable satellite dish system, the the VQ3000 is the most expensive model, which is designed to be self-operate once you’ve placed it within clear view of the southern part of the sky. Furthermore, it can used anywhere with a reliable power source.

The device is also equipped with built-in motion tracking, which keeps you tuned with the TV programs you’re watching. In addition to this, the VuQube Portable Satellite Dish system supports Dish Network, DirecTV and BellTV, and along with your satellite bill, you’ll have to pay $1,699 for additional VuQube hardware in order to use the mini-satellite system. Thus, this device will be quite a large investment but you might find it to be worth an investment worth making if you want satellite TV wherever you go.


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