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bunny.jpgSony, a big name in the field of audio, video, communications and information technology products has recently launched a new advertising strategy for its new model of Bravia LCD TVs. The company used in hundreds of multicoloured Bravia bunnies for this special ad creation. read more…

Nokia makes a gigantic touchscreen made of ice

I’m not certain why Nokia did this, but they have fashioned a touchscreen of ice. Perhaps it is to demonstrate their Plug and Touch technology.

Perhaps this is one of those things that you do just to prove that you can. read more…

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UK Wastes ?44 million a Year

If you think you think the US is the only country who wastes energy take a look at this. If studies are to be believed, people in the UK are estimated to waste as much as ?44 million yearly just by leaving their TVs, computers, and other gadgets powered on while not in use. read more…

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LeapFrog FLY Fusion(TM) Pentop Computer for Students

.Now kids will not cry for homework. LeapFrog came up with its Next-Generation FLY Fusion Pentop Computer, a sleek device to solve homework problems. No more woes now. It is designed to increase student’s productivity through targeted homework assistance and writing digitization. read more…

QW08-5G of iCute


iCute has introduced QW08-5G a steel make tower configuration case. QW08-5G is a unique product than any other general PC case. It has the transverse ATX power source bay which is beneath the front part, at the time of power source installing it becomes the shape which does supply and exhaust with the bleeder which is in the side panel left and right. read more…

CTL 2go PC Nettop

CTL has recently introduced its latest and stylish atom-powered 2go PC nettop. This high-end and newest model comes with Intel’s DG945GCLF motherboard, Intel’s Atom 230 processor, 1GB of Kingston DDR2 RAM, a GMA 950 graphics accelerator and a lot more. read more…

ELAN VIA! Valet10 Home System

ELAN Home Systems, world’s leading manufacturer of the award-winning Multi-Room audio/video and home control systems, has introduced its newest addition to its VIA! Touch Panel Family. This newly launched product called VIA! read more…

50″ Toshiba DLP TV Sold for $7.43 at

.Hey it is really breaking news…50″ Toshiba DLP TV Sold for $7.43 at Eric W. of College Station, TX recently won a big screen TV by making the unique lowest bid of $7.43 at www.bidwarslive. read more…

Dell Orders Super Slim Panels from LG and Samsung

Is Dell getting ready to launch their own LCD TV? Well not just yet! But the company did contact LG Display and Samsung Electronics to order 3.5mm super slim panels. The screens are rumored to be for the next Adamo notebooks. read more…

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Bagtv – a TV in a handbag

Ever thought of using a handbag with a television? If yes, then you can actually grab one, as Bagtv range has arrived in the market. Featuring an integrated 7” DVD/ MP3 player along with a digital photo viewer, this television handbag range is truly an innovation. read more…

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