UK Wastes ?44 million a Year

If you think you think the US is the only country who wastes energy take a look at this. If studies are to be believed, people in the UK are estimated to waste as much as ?44 million yearly just by leaving their TVs, computers, and other gadgets powered on while not in use.

According to Pocket-link, the energy that is wasted by the UK ends up being enough to power 78,000 households along with generating enough carbon dioxide to be comparable to driving around the world 19,000 times. Chief executive of the Energy Saving Trust had this to say about the matter:

It’s hard to believe that in the current economic climate we’re effectively dreaming away this kind of cash but the good news is that we can easily do something about it. Just by turning appliances off properly when they are not in use and avoiding standby, householders in the UK could collectively save over ?900 million a year.