bunny.jpgSony, a big name in the field of audio, video, communications and information technology products has recently launched a new advertising strategy for its new model of Bravia LCD TVs. The company used in hundreds of multicoloured Bravia bunnies for this special ad creation. All the 200 bunnies were of different sizes from a tiny 10 centimetres to a gigantic 10 meters (30ft).

To work out this the company production brought collectively the largest team of animators [40] ever bring together to work on a solitary scene. This whole team of professionals put in their 3 weeks choreographing the Play-Doh models in Foley Square in downtown New York City to create the 100,000 stills requisite to create footage for the 60 second ad. To add to the challenge of creating the commercial, the animators had to work whilst 8 million New Yorkers got on with their lives around them. This hard work from the advertiser’s side is surely going to be acknowledged once the product is out in market.

James Kennedy, Sony Europe said of the new BRAVIA ad: “This was a massive undertaking. Having already set the standard high by releasing 250,000 bouncing balls on San Francisco and creating a pyrotechnical paint display in Glasgow, we knew we had to be ambitious with the new ad.