Denon SYS-56HT Home Cinema 5.1 Speakers in Japan

July 1, in Accessories


Denon this time has introduced its new SYS-56HT Home Cinema 5.1 Speakers to boom your ears. However, for people in Japan it is a great chance to cheer up as these speakers have been launched in Japan only.Equipped with superb quality and features, the Denon SYS-56HT Home Cinema 5.1 Speakers will please you with its-

  • 15mm thickness wood cabinet
  • 50W (peak) Amp
  • 5cm dual full-range driver units
  • Active subwoofer European sound tuned
  • Dual 5mm threaded and 60mm pitch mounting inserts (A56 only)
  • Metal compound mold + UV coated cabinet

In addition to these too you can see the Denon SYS-56HT Home Cinema 5.1 Speakers loaded with certain mind blowing specifications like Auto standby function with On/Off switch, 5 Satellite-Loudspeaker, Center-Loudspeaker and Subwoofer with 90 Hz – 25 kHz of Frequency response. So, go and get these magnificent silver colored speakers and experience the real fun of watching cinema in home.

Via: Japan

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