Bose 321-GSX DVD Home Entertainment System

July 5, in Audio

Bose is often known as a brand associated with speakers but don’t be surprised if it has its own share of home theater equipment like the Bose 321-GSX DVD Home Entertainment System. This home entertainment system carries an elegant media center that can impress the high-end HT organizer.

It houses an integrated progressive scan DVD/CD player, AM/FM tuner and inputs for three additional sources. This sleek media center is designed to complement the look of most plasma/LCD televisions.

Bose 3•2•1 II systems are equipped with Videostage 5 decoding circuitry to deliver home theater performance from almost any source. Even classic movies and TV programs recorded before surround sound will sound lively and room-filling. From vintage videotapes to the latest DVDs, 3•2•1 systems make a difference in all your home entertainment.

Price: $1,468.99

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