DBOX Unveils Motion Technology in Cinemas

More motion seats are coming over to San Diego-based UltraStar Cinemas as 22 motion-enhanced seats are set to be installed at the company’s Apple Valley Cinemas in San Bernardino, California. All of this was made possible by D-BOX technologies, the frontrunner in introducing these new modern day motion seats that should give movie goers something to look forward to.

D-BOX Motion Designers utilize the company’s proprietary D-BOX MOTION CODE technology to custom code each movie, frame by frame, resulting in subtle, refined movements designed to work in perfect sync with the onscreen action.

“D-BOX continues to experience tremendous growth and we’re thrilled to be partnering again with UltraStar Cinemas,” stated Claude Mc Master President and Chief Executive Officer of D-BOX Technologies. “D-BOX Motion technology is designed to enhance the moviegoing experience and with the release of the new Harry Potter movie we look forward to reaching a new audience with franchise fans, families”

(Source) Press