ZXCZM800 Chip Helps Improve AVR Sound

When it comes to AVRs, you can be sure that consumers will be looking for satisfactory level audio playback when it is time to relax and watch. However, while many receivers may seem eye-catching, there will always be something sacrificed and it all points to inferior quality audio. But now, thanks to Diodes Incorporated, a new eight-channel DAC and pre-amplifier chip aims to help change all that.

The ZXCZM800, part of the Zetex Direct Digital Feedback Amplifier (DDFA) product line, will reduce circuit complexity and in high-performance differential mode will deliver a dynamic range (DNR) as high as 126db. The outstanding performance of the DAC solution complements that of digital amplifiers created using the DDFA chipset.

A single chip can make all the difference and with this new add-on, you can expect better matching quality sound that is growing in demand. The ZXCZM800 DAC and pre-amplifier chip is supported by an eight-channel demonstration board, details of which will be made available for volume production DAC and pre-amplifier designs, and includes circuit diagrams, bill of materials and Gerber files.

(Source) Electronics Talk