Epson S1V3033x series Chip

.As a solution to customer’s requirements Epson constantly develops amazing products. Seiko Epson’s R & D department unveiled Second Series of Natural-Sounding Voice Guidance Chips for embedded applications known as S1V3033x series of voice guidance audio decode chip. The latest Series supports high-quality voice codec and high-accuracy D/A converter.

The S1V3033x chip equips Audio decoder, High-compression, high-quality audio decoder (Epson’s original audio compression format) to deliver a bit rate of 16kbps, 24kbps, 32kbps, and 40kbps and Sampling frequency 16kHz.

The command from the host controls every product in the latest Series introduced by Epson. The chip is designed to be installed in an array of systems requiring product guidance such as those embedded in home appliances, buildings and office equipment.