Yamaha YAS-71BL Air Surround XTREME system


Yamaha has introduced its latest YAS-71BL air Surround XTREME system border sound system. The high-end and well-organized device supports total amount of 210W output power, two good-quality woofers and one tweeter.

The Yamaha TAS-71BL system provides ultimate and effective sound to music with the help of its pioneering features. It also features the exclusive 24KHz Head Related Transfer Function and extended stereo, which will define the sound location in a good way.

With the assistance of the Dolby Digital, DTS and Dolby Pro Logic II audio codecs, the Yamaha YAS-71BL Air Surround XTREME system provides good and effective sound. Users can also have a lot of entertainment through its built-in FM tuner.

Yamaha YAS-71BL system also has Bluetooth support along with Bluetooth wireless audio receiver. Moreover, it allows users to connect their iPods to the Yamaha Bluetooth universal dock.

The Yamaha YAS-71BL Air Surround XTREME system is available at an estimated price of $499.94.

Via: Yamaha