Amina AIWX Invisible Speakers

Amina Technologies will exhibit AIWX Invisible Speaker during CEDIA Expo 2008. Offering high quality audio, the speakers came as a boon in the entertainment industry. The speaker comes with flexible and versatile installation options making it easy for anybody to use. The 80W RMS invisible speaker operates on low frequency and over current protection, thanks to APU2 inline filter protection unit.

“Our new AIWX invisible speakers allow us to provide our customers with the most reliable invisible speaker solution possible”, said Richard Newlove, Managing
Director / CEO of UK-based Amina Technologies. He added, “The AIWX are so reliable that we have lengthened the warranty period yet again. We’re very excited to present these new products at CEDIA Expo.”

The invisible speakers are available with a 10 year limited warranty price in USA and Canada with no word of mouth on price. Get ready for high end entertainment experience with the speakers.

Via: Press