Yamaha DVX-1000: 2.1 Home Cinema System

If a home cinema system is on your Christmas list but you only have space on your living room for a 2.1 system, take a look at the Yamaha DVX-1000.

This Yamaha model consists of two 90W speakers + 1 big subwoofer, and received a good rating of 90% at RegisterHardware. The price tag is pretty high ?1,000 (close to $1,500) but taking in consideration its performance, it is well worth the money.

Thanks to a Yamaha technology named Air Surround Xtreme, the DVX-1000 is able to provide sound quality similar to a 7.1 system.

The unit can handle DivX and DivX Ultra video, and JPEG snaps on disc or USB stick. Connections at the rear of the head unit include an HDMI interface, Scart, optical digital in, component- and composite-video out, s-video out, analogue (aux) input and line out.

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