Xantech XTR39 Touch screen Remote Control


Xantech announces the immediate availability of its latest XTR39 easy-to-use LCD touch-screen remote control. This trendy remote control can be used with one hand. It has a bright 3.9-inch color touch screen that gives an extraordinary appeal and adds fun in the home theater environment. This Screen menu can be personalized. For quick and easy set up, the remote control is loaded with Universal Dragon Xantech’s proprietary programming software.

To make the Remote Control distinguishable from the lot in the market, it is equipped with a built-in database of more than 10,000 unique IR control codes for most audio or video sources and televisions. The XTR39 utilizes Xantech’s proprietary RC68 control codes to enhance control dependability if it is used with a Xantech system.

If one combines Xantech’s XTR39 with the RF2IR base station, amazing control power is attained as then the wireless control can be made through walls beyond 100 feet. “XTR39 allows users to control virtually every major home system from the palm of their hand,” according to Graham Hallett, Xantech’s president. “AV systems, lighting, and climate control systems can all be controlled from the XTR39 in an easy-to-use visual interface.”