WHDI 1.0 Specs Released

Home theater setups do have wireless connections but really lack the full wireless setup we are hearing of today. If these WHDI 1.0 specs are to be considered, they can very well instigate the much awaited Wireless Home Digital Interface. The WHDI standard enables full 1080p/60Hz HD with deep color at a distance of 100 feet and through walls. That is quite a pack of features that people are sure to want by making use of HD sources such as CE, PC and mobile devices connectible to the TV sets around your home. Is it the real deal? As much as we all want HD content accessible within our homes, you can bet that WHDI connectivity still has a lot to offer. Once the CES unfolds next year, new peripherals and wireless solutions to distribute and enhance HD content are expected to come out. There always is!

(Source) Engadget