Sweet Home Theater Setup – The California Media Room

You can say a lot of things about Californians, but there’s no doubt that they love their theater.  A good chunk of the state’s tax revenue comes from media, and considering the headaches they went through with the big screen television ban, it’s no surprise they make some great theaters.

And today, we’ve got a real winner to show you.  Created by San Rafael firm Rolling Thunder, you can see that this home theater isn’t going for power so much as it is for elegance.  You’ve even got that fireplace going on in there, and custom cabinetry all around.

But it’s not just looks–there IS plenty of power in here, even if they were going for looks first.  They’ve got a sixty five inch Panasonic plasma TV in there, plus an Artison 7.1 surround sound system, Denon blu-ray player, an Apple TV system and plenty more.

So for an excellent combination of looks and power, this is definitely one sweet home theater setup.