Vizio Joins Streaming War On Blockbusters Side

Clearly Vizio sees something that we don’t, because they’ve just handed Blockbuster Video a big old helping hand in the form of Blockbuster enabled televisions.

You know how Samsung was working with Netflix on offering up a line of television that instantly connected to Netflix via broadband?  Well, now Vizio’s planning to do exactly that but for Blockbuster On Demand.

But don’t grab your credit card and drive to the Best Buy just yet–the word is that the Blockbuster enabled televisions won’t actually be available until spring.

Still though, this is a development I’m terribly happy about.  The idea that I could press a button and get thousands of hours of video–more than I could ever watch in a lifetime–made available to me any time of the day or night is the dream of most every home theater enthusiast ever.  Let’s hope it all works out!