Vizio E420VL Television Review-Solid Model

We’ve got another pretty nice television for you to consider with your post-holiday dollars today, and it comes to us by way of Vizio, with the Vizio E420VL. It may not be the big wonder you’re looking for, but if you’re looking for a good television at a decent price, then it’s one to add to your list.

The Vizio E420VL is a forty two inch 1080p LCD television that offers a one hundred twenty hertz refresh rate for reduced blurring, automatically adjusting brightness levels to match the ambient light level in the room, two ten watt speakers with SRS TruSurround, three HDMI inputs, one component input, one composite input, one RF input, a PC input, stereo audio output, and an SPDIF output.

The picture on this one is very nice, with lots of augmentation, and the sound is only slightly less so–ten watt speakers are ten watt speakers, after all, but SRS TruSurround never hurts. I’m a little disappointed at the support for older hardware, but there’s plenty of slots for the newer stuff.

The price is just a bit higher than some might like, at fully five hundred eighty bucks on Amazon, but it’s still not too bad considering what all you get.

Still, it’s a fairly hefty price but for a fairly good system, and this makes the Vizio E420VL one to add to your watch list.