LG 32LD550 Television Review-A Little Pricey But Still Good

Chances are, despite the fact that you had a nice Christmas, your wallet’s probably smarting a bit from all the pre-Christmas shopping. So this week, we’re going to take it nice and easy on your pocketbook with some basic LCD televisions. And there are some really nice ones still out there, like the LG 32LD550, that will bring you both quality viewing and not much pain in the wallet.

The LG 32LD550 is a thirty two inch 1080p LED television that offers up NetCast entertainment access for a variety of online content providers like YouTube, Vudu and Netflix, TruMotion 120 hertz image processing for reduced blurring in high speed image situations, two ten watt speakers, Intelligent Sensor to automatically optimize your picture based on conditions in the room, three AV modes, Clear Voice II with Infinite Sound for improved audio, Dolby Digital decoders, four HDMI ports, two component inputs, two composite inputs, one RF port a PC input, a digital audio input, two USB ports, ethernet port, and a headphone jack.

This is nice for a lot of reasons–sure, the video isn’t quite as nice as you’d see from an LED, but still pretty good, and the sound is also pretty nice–ten watt speakers only go so far, of course, but with all the augmentations on these it’s definitely a help on the surface. And it’s gratifying to see a television play nice with old and new tech with almost equal aplomb.

It’s a little bit on the pricey side, if you buy new–Amazon wants $579.94 for one of these new, though you can do better if you shop around a bit, or are willing to go used.

Still though, you’ll likely find a lot to like here, and the LG 32LD550 will prove a piece worth looking at if you’re out for a new television without dropping a whole lot of your post-holiday cash.