Vivo TV Aiming to Climb up the Ranks

It may be a daunting task but with the proper dedication and effective marketing strategies, Vivo may just achieve what it is longing for; that of which is to gain a larger market share in the flat panel TV market. Vivo is practically an unknown brand. They are positioning themselves as a premium brand despite the fact that the LCD panel is only 100HZ and is selling at just over $2,000.

A Merrill Lynch analyst said “as the market for flat panel TV’s grow and the Federal Government funds education of the Digital switchover we are going to see a lot of bottom end players try and grab some share. It appears that Vivo which is a brand that I have never hear of is going to struggle as there are a lot of Chinese and Taiwanese as well as brands like TEAC, Palsonic and online brands like Kogan competing for share at the bottom end.” they said.

From the feedback alone, it looks like an uphill battle but anything is possible. Other brands have made their way through aggressive marketing and new products so if Vivo is indeed committed to achieve such a goal, the time to start is now.

(Source) Smart House