ViewSonic PerfectFlat P95f Monitor


Get the taste of widescreen action with ViewSonic 19” PerfectFlat P95f Monitor based on Perfect flat screen technology. Offering crystal clear sharp pictures with 1920 x 1440 resolution, the monitor is specifically designed keeping in mind the imaging and graphic professionals.

Featuring color management software and colorofic, the P95f ensures exact color matching. 0.25mm aperture grille at center and 0.27mm aperture grille at corner along with a USB compatible base allows connecting all peripheral devices. 300Mhz of video input bandwidth along with anti-reflection and anti-glare screen treatment adds to the usability.

This plug and play device is TCO”99 and Energy 2000 certified and comes with a 3 year limited warranty. Though the price has not been disclosed but this PC and Mac compatible monitor comes as a boon to graphic professionals.