Universal MX-350 Remote Control

.Universal has recently introduced an all new Remote Control System MX-350 with RF Capabilities. The Radio Frequency (RF) operation offers up to 100′ range all the ways though walls, floors and doors, indoors or outdoors. The complete MX-350 controls up to 10 workings. All of the 10 components can be programmed by the users with the usage of 8 pages of LCD screens together with the 33 hard buttons. This remote control model permits the user to edit the content on every LCD screen precisely as they want. The great and strong memory of the MX-350 provides up to 472 probable Macro buttons and every macro can play back up to 190 steps by a single touch. Furthermore, the MX-350 facilitates the user to plan and set up to 40 preferred channels and the 8 LCD screens will exhibit the desired channels that are programmed. Additionally the remote control’s smart memory back-up function can preserve the programmed memory for even up to ten years. The device reaches the users with a warranty of 1 year on parts & labor if purchased from an authorized dealer. There is no word on the pricing and release date.

Via: Universal