Toshiba 40RV52R Television Review-Great Set At A Great Price

Okay, folks, we all know that the economy is STILL kicking our asses from one end of the globe clear through to the other, so today I’m going to fill you in on a surprisingly cheap television that I spotted out at Best Buy, the Toshiba 40RV52R.

The Toshiba 40RV52R is a forty inch 1080p LCD television that offers a CineSpeed display with an eight millisecond response time, DynaLight backlight control to vary the light levels as needed, three HDMI inputs, a PC input, a composite video input, two ColorStream component video inputs, one S-video input, one PC audio input, one analog audio output, one optical digital audio output, and a twenty four frame per second Cinema Mode.

While the picture and sound both look and sound, respectively, solid, it’s the price of this sucker that caught my attention.  I actually found this for five hundred and twenty bucks.

Why so low, you wonder?  Simple–the Toshiba 40RV52R is a factory refurb.  And you can get them online at the same price too.  Your store may or may not have them, of course, but’s got them.  And for a television that offers this much to be available at this price?  Well, that’s just fantastic news no matter how you slice it.