Toshiba 40E210 LCD Television Review-Simple Addition To Your Home Theater

Toshiba is not a name that springs rapidly to mind in terms of LCD televisions–usually it’s pretty far down the list after Sony and Samsung–but one of Toshiba’s newest models, the 40E210, will go a long way in making you think Toshiba if you’re looking for something simple in your home theater.

The Toshiba 40E210 is a forty inch 1080p LCD television that offers a game mode to reduce blurring in high speed images, two seven watt speakers, two HDMI ports, a component video input, a composite input, a PC input, a USB port, and Toshiba’s DynaLight technology to adjust brightness according to conditions in the room.

As you can see, again, simple wins the day here–there’s not a whole lot of room for any of your components, and the sound isn’t that great coming from an unaugmented pair of seven watt speakers. However, the picture looks pretty nice, so dressing up your sound with a home theater system should go a long way toward helping here.

And as is usually the case with the lower end television, this one will come pretty cheap–the folks out at Best Buy are looking to get five hundred nineteen bucks for one of these, which is really not half bad as televisions go.

So if you want it cheap and don’t want a whole lot more than pictures and basic sound out of it, the Toshiba 40E210 will go a long way toward meeting your simple needs. Anything more complex than the basics should not be looked for here.