Toshiba 32AV502R Review-Sounds Better Than It Looks

It seems like a lot of different television brands come in two flavors–feast or famine.  Some look great but have tinny sound, others have fantastic sound but lousy picture.  And there are a handful that have both great picture and great sound consecutively.

The Toshiba 32AV502R is one of those feast and famine models, but this time, they’ll focus on the sound.

This model is a thirty two inch 720p television with two HDMI ports, two  Component ports,  two  Composite A/V jacks, one S-Video port, one 15-pin D-Sub PC input and one optical digital audio output.

When I say that the sound is great on this crazy monster TV, I mean it.  The sound is unbelievable.  I could literally feel bass.  That’s not easy for any system, especially one that shows no evidence of a subwoofer supporting it.    The video, sadly, is not so good, showing artifacts in close viewing.  And the convenient sidemounted controls?  Well, they also have that left-right configuration that can be tough to adapt to.

But if you’re okay with lesser video as a tradeoff for spectacular audio, then you’ll definitely be glad to lay hands on the Toshiba 32AV502R, now available for about five hundred dollars, depending on where you shop.