The King of Home Theatres?

I love the idea of home theatre.  Seriously.  Sure, going to the movies is all fine and well, and I do enjoy that too, but the thought of being able to open my basement or my spare room door and get that same experience any time, day or night, without screaming babies or yappy teenagers or idiots with cell phones is great fun for a movie buff like myself.

So when I read about what might well be the king of home theatres, located in the town of Reston, even I was amazed.

This guy named DeVan Shumway (yeah, like in Alf!) built in his basement a faithful reproduction of the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood.  From the automated velvet curtain to an amazing speaker array, Shumway, along with a local contractor firm, built the home theatre as an expression for his own love of movies as well as a room for his kids.  Teenagers today, the kids enjoy having sleepovers in the home theatre, which comes complete with a one hundred ten inch projection screen and reclining seats with speakers in them.

I’m downright stunned.  Truly I am.  It’s an absolutely beautiful replica and deserves to be seen by as many people as possible.

So lift your popcorn bucket in honor of DeVan Shumway, the man who built the Kodak Theater in his basement.