Mitsubishi Unveils New Home Theater Goodies

There had to be something special for the special press conference that Mitsubishi Electronics organized today and apparently the people who came were not disappointed. Today, Mitsubishi Electronics unveiled a brand new lot of potential home theater gadgets for consideration.

The new batch of electronic devices included:


  1. Mitsubishi Electric LCD-TVs : (32”-$2,000 and 37”- $2,500; Release Date: October 30)
  2. Three Blu-Ray DVRs : (BZ330[1TB] for $1,800, the BZ-320[500GB] for $1,400 and the DVR-BV530 [320GB] for $1,200; Release Date/s: BZ330 and BZ-320 on October 1, DVR-BV5430 on October 21.
  3. Mitsubishi Electric video projector (LVP-HC6800) : (Price: $2,500; Release Date: September 15)

(Source) Crunch Gear