Vintage BoomCase Portable Speakers

All right you primitive screwheads, this is the Boomcase! I’m paraphrasing a quote from Bruce Campbell from Army of Darkness, […]

Kenwood KR-4600 AM/FM Receiver review

Kenwood KR-4600 AM/FM Receiver

Specifications: POWER OUTPUT: 30 watts per channel @ 0.3% THD? VINTAGE: ~1977 INPUTS: PHONO 1 & 2 (both moving magnet) […]

The GINI LS3/5A bass


 Specifications: Frequency Response: 50-20Khz Sensitivity: 86 db Impedence: 8 Ohm Maximum Power: 50 watts Drive Units: 1” soft dome tweeter; […]

JVC XL-Z1050TN CD Player front

JVC XL-Z1050TN CD Player

Specifications: P-E-M, D-D (Converter Pulse Edge Modulation Differential Linearity error lens converter) Phone jack with level and output level, Display […]

Harman Kardon Citation II

Harman Kardon Citation II Tube Amplifier

Original Specifications: Manufactured between 1959-1962 Power Output: 60 watts/channel Frequency Response @ 60W: 18Hz to 40,000 Hz +0, /-1.0 dB […]

THRESHOLD 800A front

Threshold 800a review

Specifications: Class A operation, Designed by Nelson Pass Output: 200 wpc Time Built: 1975-77 You know what is great about […]

Setton RS-440 Receiver review

Setton RS-440 Receiver

A Little Background: I’ll be the second to admit it (my wife would be the first): I’m a cheapskate. There’s […]