Tangent Evergreen 17 All-in-One PC

Tangent has launched its latest and pioneering Evergreen PC, which boasts of an ultra slim, perfect, all-in-one touch-screen. The touch-screen […]

Evergreen EG-V2016 Speaker on Sale

Evergreen EG-V2016 Speaker is the most efficient and high quality speaker put on sale. For passionate music lovers Evergreen EG-V2016 […]

Evergreen EG-EHF series Monitor

Corporation Evergreen announced its latest EG-EHF Monitor Series. The Monitors will be available from October 19th. The monitor will be […]

Evergreen EG-D3300H DVD player

Evergreen Corporation launched its new DVD player EG-D3300H at direct sales price 9,980 Yen. The DVD Player equips NTSC/PAL conversion […]

Evergreen EG-LR300 Remote

Evergreen EG-LR300 Remote features a large-sized touch panel liquid crystal and is expected to ship on June 29th at an […]