Tangent Evergreen 17 All-in-One PC

Tangent Evergreen Pc 1-9-08

Tangent has launched its latest and pioneering Evergreen PC, which boasts of an ultra slim, perfect, all-in-one touch-screen. The touch-screen is crafted with eco-friendly technology to ensure a safer and greener environment. The high-end 17-inches Evergreen supports the powerful Eden 1GHz and C7 1.50 GHz processors.

The Evergreen PC effectively runs with up to 2GB of RAM, up to 64GB SSD or 250GB hard drive space. This lets you gain superior processing speed and ample storage to save your important documents. The most updated and all-in-one Evergreen PC is a perfect device in concern of energy, as it utilizes only 72% of energy, a smaller amount than Energy Star 4.0 restrictions. The Evergreen PC sports a 17inches wide LCD display that will allow you to watch quite clear images.

The Tangent Evergreen PC is expected to reach the nearest stores at a suggested price of $1195.


Via: Tangent