Evergreen EG-V2016 Speaker on Sale


Evergreen EG-V2016 Speaker is the most efficient and high quality speaker put on sale. For passionate music lovers Evergreen EG-V2016 speaker is the ideal option to purchase.

It boasts certain features like:

• Noise proof exterior
• Emits digital sound
• Excellent quality speaker
• The clarity of the sound is outstanding.
• Signal-noise ratio above 65dB
• Audio input terminal analog (RCA) 2 systems

Although Evergreen EG-V2016 Speaker is newly launched but has boomed the market through its excellent quality characteristics and it is increasing its demand amongst the huge mass.

This 2 way active speaker has a built in amplifier of 13W?2ch. Each speaker unit consists 1 inch diameter tweeter and 4 inch diameter woofer.


Via: Evergreen