Sweet Home Theatre Setups – Pirates Cove Theatre

This is an absolutely amazing home theatre setup we’re looking at here, mostly because of the decor, but it might shock you to know that this started out in a basement.

Just ahead of National Talk Like A Pirate Day, we present the Pirate Cove Theatre, based on the Pirates of the Caribbean movies by a guy who loved them.  It actually began life as a basement.  The AV Science forum details this construction from start to finish (warning: if you actually do go, there will be LOTS of “pirate talk“), and it’s really quite the journey.

He’s got some pretty sweet hardware in there, like Vandersteen 2ce speakers,  a projector and screen, a ceiling mounted starfield, and also some more esoteric items like a candy counter and popcorn machine.

This guy managed to assemble this whole thing from SCRATCH, and it is downright unbelievable what he’s done.  Frankly, just looking at it is amazing, and reading the whole story behind it is even more so.  This is definitely a sweet home theatre setup if I’ve ever seen one.