Sweet Home Theatre Setup – Victorian Makeover

This is one of those really great home theatres that makes a whole lot of electronic components look almost seamlessly installed into a surrounding environment of utmost class.  It’s not every day I see one like this, so I’ll just segue right into the discussion.

This amazing setup comes with a Sony Bravia SXRD video projector, a 106-inch Dragonfly screen, a Denon AVR2308 CI receiver, a Sony PS3, a Nintento Wii and a full array of speakers and amps.  Plus, there are two cisterns and a steam boiler down there that have been left fully intact for the sake of historical significance.  They actually built this amazing setup AROUND all of the basement’s current occupants.

And when you couple it with the ensuite bathroom and real stonework throughout, the only thing you can say with any certainty about this is that it really is a sweet home theatre setup.