Sweet Home Theatre Setup-Naughty001

We’re always looking for pics of people’s home theatre setups, and it seems like there are PLENTY of people ready to oblige!  Like parents of newborn babes, people eagerly post photos of their home theatre setups to let us have a look at the ups and downs, and also give us some ideas for our own.

Now, this guy went all out, doing complete replacements of the TV, the speakers, everything.  And he’s really got in a whole lot of nifty new items–a fifty two inch plasma TV (which was selected because where he was, South Africa, the LCD variety wouldn’t have been as good in standard definition, and there’s not a whole lot of HD television broadcast yet.  So, why bother with the LCD?), a couple of floorstander speakers with a subwoofer and a couple smaller speakers to go after the full surround sound.

This guy has definitely done his homework, and is actually looking at expanding the system down the line with further amps and some Dreamcard systems so he can network his TVs and allow the various other members of his family to enjoy their favorite programs as well.  He’ll even recount his experiences in setup for you right here.

So enjoy your sweet home theatre setup, naughty001–and if any of you want YOUR theatre shown here, just drop a line.