Sony Unveils New Blu-Ray Recorder and HDD Combos

It looks like the year of combos thus far. After seeing some TVs with built-in Blu-ray camcorders, Sony Japan now unveils five new Blu-ray recorders with built-in HDDs for the Japan market. Among the models released include the following:

  • BDZ-EX200 (2TB HDD/$2,800)
  • BDZ-RX100 (1TB HDD/$1,800)
  • BDZ-RX50 (500GB HDD/$1,500)
  • BDZ-RX30 (320GB HDD/$1,200)
  • BDZ-RS10 (320GB HDD/$1,000)

Among the highlights of certain models include the SkyPerfecTV support for the three recorders that have over 320GB capacity. The model equipped with a 2TB HDD can store 253 of HD TV media and also feature support for the Sony Walkman and the PSP.

All models will be available starting September except for the EX200 which will be released on November. No word on international availability for now.

(Source) Crunch Gear