Sweet Home Theatre Setup-Ghetto Hardware

This really isn’t a sweet setup in the traditional sense.  There aren’t any fancy components or lush furniture or any other such nonsense here.

But what this is is a fairly standard home theatre rig that comes with one extra-special feature: a homemade projector screen that cost a measly FORTY DOLLARS.  That’s right, folks–two hours of time and forty bucks worth of components got Ghetto Hardware’s projection screen off the ground.

It’s actually fairly simple, from what I’ve read so far, to construct your own screen just like that.  The materials are commonly available–Ghetto Hardware describes getting their material at Home Depot–and centers around something called parkland plastic material.  When used as a home theatre screen, around a framework of simple boards, the result is a fully usable home theatre projection screen that can go as wide as an eighty-six inch diagonal, give or take a couple decimal points.

I don’t know about you, but forty bucks and two hours for an eighty-six inch screen strikes me as a really good deal  And no matter what the rest of the components may be, that screen alone makes Ghetto Hardware’s sweet home theatre setup truly sweet.