Sweet Home Theatre Setup – Matt Tucker

I spotted this one out at the Home Theatre Forum and read all about Matt Tucker’s experiences trying to set up a home theatre.  First, let me pause and give a special note of thanks to all the various spouses and girlfriends out there (and sometimes even boyfriends) who don’t really understand why we so desperately want a specific room to watch movies in and do horrendous things to in the process of making it ready, but are willing to accommodate anyway, just like Matt’s spouse.

Matt took a fairly normal room, even with a window, and uses some heavy red drapes and matching red valences to block off most of the light and cancel out the various light reflection problems.  He set up a projector and screen, along with a whole array of well set up, modular components, and he’s discovered some of the things we’ve already been talking about.  He’s discovered the importance of the chocolate brown finish as well as the importance of modular systems so he can upgrade later.

When he started, he had a Toshiba HD DVD player.  Ouch.

But he’s got a pretty sweet setup, as you can see from the pic above, and since he managed to do it on a budget it’s doubly worth our time to notice. Nice job, Matt–that’s one sweet home theatre setup.