Sweet Home Theatre Setup-Dustin

Dustin over at Dustin’s Home Theatre Page setup a site detailing both his home theatre gear and bemoaning how little else he had to talk about besides it.  Don’t know why–he’s done a great job with that setup, and it’s worth plenty to let people know about it.

What he’s got is a fairly standard setup, easily replicable by just about anyone.  It contains a ceiling-mounted projector with screen, a surround sound setup with three forward speakers, and a receiver to process the whole thing.  He’s even got a 4-head VCR in there, which gives him some added utility if he favors the older media.

Admittedly, it’s a fairly simple setup–a comparable setup might cost six to eight hundred dollars if you shopped carefully and took advantage of sales on low-end components–but sometimes it’s the simplest setups that are best.  Especially in the midst of economic distress.

One thing is clear, though: he’ll probably get vastly more value out of that setup than he ever would at the theatres, and if that doesn’t qualify as a sweet home theatre setup, well, then I don’t know what qualifies.