Sweet Home Theatre Setup – Alyse

Okay, we’ve been talking about home theatre setups for some time now, and we’ve seen some really great ones and some that aren’t so great as the really great.  And today we’re looking at a home theatre setup from the AV Forums message board, posted by user Alyse.

Alyse gave a whole list of components, including a Sony 46″ Z4500 HDTV, a Sony DG910 AV 5.1/7.1 Receiver, a Sony S350 Blu-ray Player, 5.1 Speakers with subwoofer, an Xbox 360 and running Microsoft Vista Media Center on the whole thing.

Now, Alyse seems to have this theatre in a room with windows, or at least some kind of glass blocks facing outside, because there’s some light in there.  And a second thing you’ll notice is the glass coffee table right in front of that sweet Sony TV, giving off a reflection back at you. Generally, folks, the home theatre is a bad place for any kind of reflective surfaces that aren’t transmitting a picture.

Aside from these two fairly minor problems, however, Alyse definitely has a sweet home theatre setup.