Sweet Home Theater Setups – The Wine Room Theater

Now, here’s a downright interesting idea for you–if you’ve got an old fashioned house, so old fashioned that it’s protected by the local historical society, how do you wedge a home theater setup in the basement?

Simple–you just make it look so good that no one will want to take issue with it.  And that’s exactly what this homeowner did.  But it’s not just good looks that make this theater so unbelievably impressive–no, it’s also the hardware inside.  And there’s plenty of that to go around.

There’s a Runco projector, a Denon receiver, Sony Blu-ray player and a one hundred twenty inch Stewart filmscreen in there, which pretty much guarantees that the historical society will be entirely too busy watching movies to question your choice of adding a theater.

And when you’ve got all these factors together, including a setup that makes the historical society happy, well, the only thing you can say at this point is that it’s one sweet setup.