Loewe Individual Racks

Before you go on planning to get that much desired HDTV, make sure you have the space and support for it. By support we mean of course efficient stands or racks which were made to aid these HDTV sets once they are delivered right at your doorsteps. And just in case you have the Loewe HDTV, the Leowe HDTV rack should be ideal for placement and storage of blu-ray discs and some other home theater stuff you want to hook on to your HDTV.

There are two models available: the Leowe Individual Rack 110.30 and the Leowe Individual Rack 165.30. The 110.30 has a drawer and music plus two upper shelves which may be ideal for 32” or 42” HDTVs. The 165.30 offers a larger storage capacity and should be able to accommodate 32” to 46” sizes.

Prices for these Leowe Individual Racks start at ?1,195.

(Source) Electric Pig