Sweet Home Theater Setups – The Upgrade

I’ve always said right here that the greatest way to build a home theater is in the modular style, thus you can always take advantage of better technology as it becomes available.  And you can see in today’s sweet home theater setup why I believe that.

You’ll be able to see the original setup in the video provided for you below, but you’ll also get a look at how the theater changed from its original configuration to the new one.

The biggest difference here will be in color scheme.  You’ll note how it goes from kind of an orange to a much more stark contrast of black and white.  It gives the theater a more modern, polished appearance.  He also replaced the couch, which definitely improves things further.

But this isn’t all–he’s also replaced speakers (easy because you can see they’re wall-mounted), as well as his receiver and filmscreen.  He didn’t give us any brand names, but still–the concept remains.

It’s a sweet home theater, and after the improvements, it only got sweeter.