Sweet Home Theater Setups – Humble Beginnings

When the owners of today’s sweet home theater setup described their rig, and then put it on YouTube to further show it off, I have to admit I was definitely amazed.  In fact, I was just plain old poleaxed.  It’s not every day you hear about a home theater that can go from “Brady Bunch paneling and concrete floors” to what you’re about to see.

But that’s what you’re about to see.  And frankly, it’s AMAZING.  The sheer kinds of things you can do with a little bit of time, ingenuity and a little engineering is just downright amazing.

Plus, this room has some spectacular gear, like an Infocus projector (they got one for three hundred bucks on Ebay), a Yamaha receiver, a Playstation 3 and NHT speakers in 5.1 digital surround.

Add all these separate factors together and what you’ve got is an amazing, sweet home theater setup for not a whole lot of cash.  It’s amazing, but it happens, and here’s the proof.