Sweet Home Theater Setups – The Hockey Puck

I love–LOVE!–reading and hearing about do it yourselfers who went above and beyond the call of duty to create a special home theater space all their own.  it just warms the cockles, you know?  And thus, I’m all sorts of excited to tell you about today’s sweet home theater setup.

Why do I call it the hockey puck, you ask?  Not because of its shape or its color scheme, but rather because of the riser construction.  See, homeowner Shane Holden built a home theater setup out in his garage, and as such, put in a small kind of stadium seating setup so everyone has a view of the screen.  And he also installed Buttkicker transducers to add some seat-shaking action.  But how to JUST shake the seats and not everything else?  That’s where the hockey pucks come in.

But there’s more here–like an InFocus projector, Infinity speakers and subwoofer, and a Marantz receiver along with a homemade one hundred ten inch screen–to add to the fun.

For this kind of do it yourself glory, well, all you can say is that this is one sweet home theater setup.