Forbes To Blockbuster: Youre Doomed

Now here’s a bit I hadn’t heard yet.  You know we’ve been tracking the decline of Blockbuster Video–special shoutout here to reader Gwen who’s been relentlessly backing Blockbuster throughout the tracking for its help getting Jericho back on screen (I personally hope they pull it off)–and now, we’ve got some new news of note from the folks at Forbes.

Blockbuster made a list of ten companies who’ll be making deep store closings in 2010, according to Forbes, but under the Blockbuster listing was a strange new point.  From Forbes:

The company is trying to reformulate with kiosks and on-demand services that focus on hot new releases, but experts say the costs associated with the transformation will be too expensive to pull off without a bankruptcy.

Catch that last bit?  The costs will be too high without bankruptcy.  Bankruptcy will require store closings.  Store closings will in turn REDUCE REVENUES.  So Blockbuster’s planned kiosks may well not materialize.  But considering that Blockbuster kiosks were noticeably different from the competitors–USB card, anyone?–they may well be able strike an alliance with, say, Redbox.

But one thing’s looking clear–it doesn’t look good for Blockbuster.