Sweet Home Theater Setups – The Dual Screen Theater

There are actually several awesome things about today’s sweet home theater setup.  Naturally, there’s lots of great gear in here and of course we’ll have a rundown of it.  And the fact that there are TWO different screens (a projector screen and a plasma TV) in here is also excellent.  But I’ve picked an unusual photo to draw attention to what I think is the room’s most impressive feature–the design.

One, I’ve been harping for the longest time that chocolate brown is the color to have for the best possible contrast, and this room’s got it in spades.  But the room has another problem–you can see from the window shades that there’s a lot of glass in this room, and glass means one thing: daylight.  Daylight is the worst enemy of the home theater enthusiast because it has a way of getting in and doing horrendous things to light levels.  But those shades look like ordinary blinds, and I have no idea how those are keeping the daylight in that room sufficiently low to watch in the daytime hours.

But the equipment list is pretty sweet, featuring a Sony four hundred disc DVD changer, Pioneer receiver, plasma television, and Blu-ray player, and more.

This theater’s got a lot going for it and a lot of challenges to overcome, so here’s to you, sweet home theater setup with two screens!