Sweet Home Theater Setups – Return of the Home Theater PC

One thing we don’t see very often around here–and we probably should see more of–is the use of a home theater PC.  Not only does this give you the ability to play DVDs, and Blu-ray in some cases, but it also allows you to store video, or access the internet and take advantage of streaming video.  Plus, most PCs today offer at least one HDMI connection to take advantage of, so, why not?

And that’s the critical advantage today’s sweet home theater setup will bring into play.  Admittedly, it’s a bit older, and even the owner defines it as a “work in progress”, but it’ll give you an idea of the kind of thing you can do when you give your PC a projector and screen for a monitor.

I’m told that World of Warcraft on a projector screen is “like a religious experience”, though in all honesty, I haven’t played in years so I wouldn’t know.  But this isn’t just a one trick pony, no sir–also included is a  Barco projector, Cerwin Vega speakers, a  Sony receiver, and a homemade one hundred twenty two inch screen.

So you can see, even with some questionable components, this still definitely qualifies as a sweet home theater setup.