Sweet Home Theater Setups – Michael Gonzalezs Labor of Love

There’s one great thing about writing the Sweet Home Theater Setup pages–it really doesn’t matter how big they are or how expensive they are or even how much money people save while making them, because it’s all about the same thing.  It’s all about watching movies, and doing it in the best place under the best conditions possible.

Michael Gonzales is proof of this.  He’s a pediatrician from North Carolina who, the first time he heard a movie in surround sound, knew that he too had to build his own home theater setup.

And build it he would, down in the mostly finished fifteen hundred square foot basement, a little bit at a time, adding items here and there for maximum modular effect.  He added some pretty sweet equipment in there too, stuff like a Panasonic AE1000U projector, a 105-inch diagonal SMX DIY acoustically transparent screen, and a 7.1-channel Axiom surround system.

The gradual nature of it, the willingness to slowly plod along and eventually reach a goal, is what makes this a truly sweet home theater system.