More Options Than Ever For Streaming Wireless Radio

We’ve talked about the Logitech Squeezeboom here before, and how it helps get music to the various points of your house, but what we haven’t talked about is how other devices can join the Squeezeboom to make music in all sorts of different ways with all sorts of different options.

Now, the Squeezeboom by itself works great for getting online wireless radio stations.  This by itself represents a pretty significant advance, but when you couple the Squeezeboom with, say, your iTunes library, again over the wireless wifi connection, you not only get access to the radio stations, but you also get access to your own downloaded library.

Then, in another couple weeks here, we’ve got the Sonos S5, which is both wireless radio and music player all in one that is controlled via your iPhone or by a Sonos controller.  This combination allows you to do in one unit what you had to do via jury-rigging in the above description.

So if you’re a music buff, then you have all sorts of options for making your home theater spark.